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What to do between Campaigns when counting the loot has lost its novelty?

Prepare for the next one, of course!

Buy one of our complete Campaign Training Kits!
Each kit comes complete with everything you need to get going: weapons, food, horses, -you name it.
[Additional Certified Instructors may be included at extra charge]

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The Beginners Kit [$40]

    For the Adventurer to be:
    Our expert staff have compiled this Kit consisting of a dagger, a short sword (blunt), a light breastplate and a copper helmet.
    Also included are the book "Locate the Forest"*, in which the reader can gather useful information about such things as "What is a tree?" and "How to charge an Oak", and a small furry animal for the Exam preparations.

    * [The book only is available at $3]

    Our Beginners Training Centre (Landers Park) may be rented on an hourly basis, with an optional "Find Me, I Got Lost"-insurance [$10]

The Intermediate Kit [$100]

    For the Intermediate Adventurer with a few campaigns behind him/her:
    Since you now know that you'll stand your ground in a fight, the time has come to advance your knowledge into the realm of the Real Heroes.

    This Kit (the Exam is included) is compiled by a gallon of Dwarf Spirits, a pair of rugged battle gloves, heavy impact boots, and five hours rent paid in our staff bar.

    Keep in mind that the staff are professionals, and would never cause more harm than you will be able to remember afterwards. You, on the other hand, are allowed any trick in and outside the book.

    Experience from minimum two campaigns
    If under 18: a written note from your mother stating that you may drink alcohol and use foul language

The Advanced Kit [$1000]

    The Kit is a one week excursion into the nearest mountain ridge, where you will spend the days tracking down and fighting Ogres, Trolls, and the occasional Yeti, and the nights are spent guarding your camp site.
    Included in the package are two of our Certified Instructors, who will aid you in case your opponent proves to hard for your current skill level. They will also make sure your reflexes constantly improves by attacking you at random intervals.

    This is also the perfect opportunity to get in touch with your inner self, and some of the more obscure Gods the mountain religions have to offer, since the Kit does not include any food and the mountains offer Ogre or Yeti meat (for your Instructors) and an odd assortment of fungi for you.

    Our Hospital area (Landers Park) is renowned for its skilled staff as well as for the unrivalled views of Hero-Wannabies stumbling along the pathways and yelling insults to the pines.

The Expert Kit [$50 000]

    Anyone claiming to be an Expert Adventurer has got a lot of proving to do, unless of course his/her reputation has taken care of that.
    This naturally gives our Certified Instructors quite a challenge in designing a Kit to meet with your training needs, but - as always - they plunge headlong into the task and creates a situation-specific Kit that will quite possibly be the toughest trip you'll ever experience!

    Opponents from previous Kits (all unique) include:

    The equipment and participants in each Kit may vary, but your task is always the same: Survive.
    Exam points are calculated from the damage you are able to inflict on your enemy, and the number of times you are resurrected (time spent finding all of you is also an important factor in the calculations).

    Your first resurrection is included in the price of the Kit, and the following ones are available after a $4000 deposit (not included in the Kit price).
    Protective artifacts are not allowed during the test, since you would otherwise learn to rely upon them. (Many an Adventurer's last words were "You can't kill me because I've got a magic Aaargh.")

The Professional Kit

[$200 000 and up]

    You will be teleported to the level below a Dragons Lair.
    Your task is to get out alive.
    There is no one around to perform a resurrection.

    Remember that Dragons are an Endangered Species!
    You are not allowed to kill it, nor cause excessive injury to it.

    Your armor is sealed. By breaking the seal you cancel the Exam.
    You have to find the way out for yourself.

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